Plan Management

What is it?

Plan Management allows you to take full control of how you utilise your NDIS budget and gives you the freedom to negotiate services directly with providers. You can choose any worker or therapist to provide any supports that are identified in your plan; even if they are not registered with NDIA. This choice and control come without the stress and time involved in managing the finances and administration responsibilities.

Boomer Planning is a trusted NDIA financial intermediary who will:

The cost for Plan Management does not come from your budget; it does not cost you anything. The NDIA allocate additional funds for the provision of a Plan Manager. NDIA want you and your family to have more time to focus on your goals and enjoy your life.

Choosing how to manage your NDIS budget is one of the most important decisions you will make. Consider the following 3 simple steps:

Contact Us!

No matter where you are in the process, contact Boomer Planning today. We can help ensure the establishment of a comprehensive plan by advising you on how best to incorporate all reasonable and necessary supports into your applications. We will take care of all your invoices, claims and payments. Then simply use the form on the Contact Us page to do so.


During your NDIS planning session request inclusion of the following services for “Improved Life Choices” into your plan: Plan Management Set Up Cost (14_033_0217_8_3) Plan Management – Financial Administration (14_034_0218_8_3) Plan and Financial Capacity Building (14_031_0127_8_3)

Post-Plan Contact

Contact Boomer Planning once you have received your plan from NDIS. We can ensure quick and smooth processing of your invoices so you can engage all your support providers straight away.